Where Tonga citizens do not need visas


Which countries citizens Tonga

visa is NOT NEED:




term visa-free access


Botswana 90 days
Burundi visa at the airport
Cape Verde Visa on arrival
Comoros Visa on arrival
Djibouti 1 month visa on arrival
Egypt 30-day visa on arrival
Eritrea 30-day visa on arrival
Gambia Visa on arrival
Ghana Visa on arrival
Kenya 3 months
Lesotho 14 days
Liberia Visa on arrival
Madagascar 90 days visa on arrival
Malawi 90 days
Mali Visa on arrival
Mauritius 60 days
Mozambique 30-day visa on arrival
Saint Helena 3 months
Sao Tome and Principe 1 month visa on arrival
Seychelles 1 month
Tanzania Visa on arrival
Togo 7 days visa on arrival
Uganda Visa on arrival
Zambia 90 days
Zimbabwe 3 months


Anguilla 3 months
Antigua and Barbuda 1 month
Bahamas 3 months
Barbados 6 months
Belize 1 month
Bermuda visa-free travel
Bolivia Visa on arrival
British Virgin Islands visa-free travel
The Cayman Islands 30 days
Costa Rica 30 days
Dominic 6 months
Dominican Republic 30-day visa on arrival
El Salvador visa-free regime with a Schengen visa
Grenada 3 months
Haiti 3 months
Montserrat 3 months
Peru 90 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 months
St. Lucia 6 weeks
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month
Trinidad and Tobago visa-free travel
Turks and Caicos Islands 30 days


Armenia 120-day visa on arrival
Azerbaijan 30-day visa on arrival
Bangladesh 90 days visa on arrival
Cambodia 30-day visa on arrival
Georgia 90-360 days visa on arrival
Hong Kong 3 months
Israel Visa on arrival
Jordan Visa on arrival
Kuwait 1 month visa on arrival
Laos 30-day visa on arrival
Macau 30-day visa on arrival
Malaysia 2 months
Maldives 30 days
Nepal 90 days visa on arrival
Philippines 21 days
Singapore 30 days
South Korea 30 days
Timor- Leste 30-day visa on arrival
UAE 30-day visa on arrival

Belarus Visa on arrival
Gibraltar 6 months
Kosovo 90 days
Ireland 3 months
Macedonia 15 days (with a Schengen visa )
United Kingdom (including Guernsey , Isle of Man, Jersey ) 6 months


Cook Islands 31 days
Fiji 4 months
Karibati 28 days
Marshall Islands 30-day visa on arrival
Federated States of Micronesia 30 days
Nauru 30 days
Niue 30 days
Palau 30-day visa on arrival
Papua New Guinea 60-day visa on arrival
Samoa 60-day visa on arrival
Tuvalu 1 month visa on arrival
Vanuatu 30 days